Let the battle commence!

Fortnite Disco & Games Party

Lets get ready for this awesome Fortnite themed party. This party is based on the dance moves and objects from the game, and there will be plenty of sweets and prizes to be won!

Danni will play tracks from the game for the children to show off Floss, Hype, Orange Justice & Best Mates moves The birthday child is welcome to supply a list of their favourite party songs too!

Danni will take full control of the party, and the kids will be completely entertained from beginning to end.

Fortnite Party Features

Fornite Party Games 

Dance Battle 

To get started there will be a dance battle between 2 teams. 3 Fornite dance moves will be used in a rock, paper scissors style games. 3, 2, 1 Battle!

fortnite move.jpg

Boogie Bombs

In this super exciting game. Children will bounce on space hoppers to collect the boogie bombs and throw into a bucket. Quickest team shall win a prize


Fortnite Party

4 pictures of fortnite dance moves will be displayed around the room. When the music stops pick a board and perform the move, choose correctly and there are some sweets up for grabs

Fortnite Party
Fortnite Themed Party

Hit the Target

This game will really get the children excited! If they like shooting guns playing the video game, here is their chance to shoot some real guns, well not real a supercool Nerf Gun points equals prizes!

Fortnite Story

This story-based team game is about  speed and full of excitement! The children all play Fortnite characters dance moves or props  As soon as the children hear their object/character move mentioned they need to Go Go Go!

Fortnite Party


To finish the party children will play limbo to see how low they can go

Fortnite Party