Ninja Turtles party
Ninha Turtle Themed Party
Ninja Turtle Theme Party
Ninja Turtle Party

Ages 4-7

Ninja Turtle Disco & Games Party 

Cowabunga Dudes!

It's time to join Donatello, Leonardo, Michelangelo and Raphael for our super cool

Ninja Turtle party. There will be, ninja challenges, dancing, and a little pizza!.


Tammie Turtle will play all the latest tracks for the children to show off their best moves! The birthday child is welcome to supply a list of their favourite party songs too!

With your Entertainer taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely engaged from beginning to end. This means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having the time of their lives! 

ninja turtles party

Party does NOT come with Turtle Mascots.

Entertainer will be in costume

Ninja Turtle Party Features

Ninja Turtle Party Games

Pow Poses

To start Tammie will play a turtle version of musical statues. When the music stops. POW children show off their best Ninja pose to win a sticker

Ninja Turtle Party


4 pictures will be displayed around the room of pizza, sewer, a shell and the Turtles who will you choose to win some yummy sweets?

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Pizza Party

The Turtles LOVE Pizza. In teams children will race to feed the hungry turtles. Who will win a prize? 

ninja turtle party
ninja turtle_edited.png

Ninja Time

Raphael soft toy will make his way around the circle. Who will he choose for a Ninja Challenge to win a prize

Turtle Treats 

The Turtle Treats are rolling on the floor. Can you get them back to the turtle basket in time to win some sweets


Limbo Challenge

No party would be complete without a limbo challenge

ninja turtle party