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Barbie Party Entertainer
Barbie themed party

Ages 4-6

barbie disco party

Barbie Disco & Games Party

Come On Barbie Lets Go Party


Are you looking for a fun and exciting way to celebrate your girls 5th or 6th birthday? Look no further than our Barbie party entertainer!

Get your dancing shoes on and join Brooklyn for some fun party games and dancing  Dress up in your best disco outfit and get ready for some fun!

barbie birthday party ideas
barbie birthday party ideas
barbie birthday party ideas
barbie party
barbie birthday party ideas
barbie birthday party ideas

Entertainer Shall NOT resemble a Caucasian Barbie

Barbie Box NOT Included

Barbie Party Games

Lets Go Party

When the music stop choose the correct barbie to win a sweet/sticker

barbie themed party
barbie themed party

Brilliant Barbie

(Played with 20 children or less)

Barbie Doll will be passed around the circle, who will she choose to win a prize?

Barbie themed party

Barbie Bonanza

3,2,1 GO In one Big Team Can You Collect All Of The Barbie Balls In Time to Win A Prize

Barbie birthday party

Barbie Says
 When the music stops, show your move that Barbie says to win a sticker

Barbie themed party harpenden

Barbie Bingo

Can you find the matching picture to win a sticker

barbie birthday party


How low can you go?

Barbie themed party
kids disco party
kids birthday party harpenden
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