Barbie Party Entertainer

Ages 4-7

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Barbie Disco & Games Party

Come On Barbie Lets Go Party

Lets get ready for this Barbie themed party, full of fun barbie themed games, dancing and bubbles

All the latest tracks will be played so the children to show off their best moves! The birthday child is welcome to supply a list of their favourite party songs 

With Disco Danni  taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely engaged from beginning to end. This means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having a magical time.


Entertainer Shall NOT resemble a Caucasian Barbie

Barbie Party Games

Perfect Poses
To start we will play a Barbie style game of musical statues. Dance around and show off your best moves, and when the music stops, show your best pose to win a sticker

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Aladdin Party

Pass Barbie 

Barbie Doll will make her way around the circle. Who will she pick for a prize?

Barbie Party Time

4 pictures will be displayed around the room, when the music stop choose the correct barbie to win a sweet/sticker

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Under Construction


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Barbie Bonanza

3,2,1 GO In one Big Team Can You Collect All Of The Barbie Balls In Time to Win A Prize

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How low can you go?