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Encanto themed party
encanto disco party
Isabela encanto party
encanto party entertainer
mirabel encanto entertainer



isabela  encanto entertainer
encanto party

Encanto Disco & Games Party

We don't Talk about Bruno!

Welcome to our family Madrigal! Kids will go wild for this Encanto themed party. There will be a mini disco with lights, bubbles  and of course songs from the movie. With sweets prizes & fun Interactive party games.  

With Mirabel or Isabela  taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely entertained from beginning to end. . But remember we don't talk about Bruno!


encanto party entertainer
encanto party entertainer
encanto birthday party


Today was amazing xx thank you so much! I have so many pictures and comments from parents saying how amazing u were xxxxx


Encanto Party Games

Perfect Poses

Ages 4-6

When the music stops show of your best move to win a sticker. Show your strong like Luisa, Sprinkle flowers like Isabela or swirl your skirt like Mirabel

isabela encanto entertainer

Family Madrigal

All Ages

4 Pictures of  the Madrigal family will be placed around the room. Choose the correct picture to win some sweets

encanto party
encanto party

Super Strong

All Ages

In teams children will race with donkey's to collect balls. Which team is super strong like Luisa to win some sweets

encanto party entertainer


All Ages

How low can you go? in this awesome game of Limbo

encanto party

Flower Power All Ages

 Flower balls are rolling all on the floor. Can you collect in time to win a prize?

encanto birthday party

Keeper of The Candle Ages 8+

How well do you know the movie? Roll the dice to land on a number. Answer correctly to be one step closer to the magical candle? 

Encanto party

Encanto BingoAges 8+

In Pairs or teams can you complete a line the quickest to win some sweets? 

encanto party
kids disco party
kids birthday party harpenden
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