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Popstar Party Entertainer
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Popstar theme party

Popstar Disco & Games Party

Party Like A Rockstar

Popstar Party Entertainer
Popstar Party Entertainer

Lets get ready for this Popstar Party with fantastic equipment and music. 

Great for all children who want to dress up as their favourite star and perform like they are on stage.

All the latest tracks will be played so the children to show off their best moves! The birthday child is welcome to supply a list of their favourite party songs 

With Disco Danni  taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely engaged from beginning to end. This means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having a magical time.

Popstar Party Features

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Popstar Party Games

popstar themed party

Popstar Poses

To get the party started there will be a twist on the traditional game of musical statues. When the music stops, its time to show your best Popstar pose to win a sticker

Pick a Popstar  

4 pictures of only the super coolest popstars will be displayed around the room. Who will you pick to be number 1 and win some yummy sweets 

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Music Madness

                          Ages 7+

Super cool tracks will be played and in teams children will have to identify the song or popstar then bounce with a giant microphone & guitar to win a point for your team

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Musical Microphone

Ages 5+ 6

In this popstar version of pass the parcel the giant microphone will be passed around the circle. Can you show off a little dance or song to win a prize

popstar party

Centre Stage 

Its time to perform! In teams children will race to collect their microphone from the bucket and take centre stage. Quickest team shall win a prize

Popstar Party Entertainer


Battle Of The Bands 

Popstar themed party


How low can you go? 

popstar party


"I just wanted to say thank you so much for supplying the disco and entertainment for my niece she really loved it thank you, I will definitely use you again and certainly will recommend you"

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jojo siwa party



JoJo Siwa Disco & Games Party

Like a Boomerang

Lets get ready for this JoJo Siwa Party like a Boomerang. Any little girl who like JoJo Siwa will love this party. Tailored all to be about Miss Siwa and her songs, there will be games with bows dancing, sweets, prizes and of course a limbo challenge. How well do the children know JoJo songs, will they know their high top shoes to the Kid in a candy store?

Disco Danni will bring everything along to make this party JoJo-Tastic it will be a D.R.E.AM


JoJo Siwa Party Features

  •  Entertainer as a 'Popstar' 

  • Set Up With Speakers,Laptop,

  • DJ Deck & Microphone

  • Disco Lights

  • JoJo Themed Party Games

  • Inflatable Props

  • Party Dancing

  • Limbo Challenge

  • Bubble Machine

  • Sweets, Stickers & Prizes  

Access to plug socket required for equipment 

JoJo Siwa Party Games 

jojo siwa theme party

JoJo Bows

In teams children will race to collect all the JoJo Bows who will be the fastest to win a prize?

Like a Boomerang 

4 Pictures will be displayed around the room of JoJo's top hits. Children will dance around to a super cool JoJo song, and when the music stops which song board will you pick to win some sweets?

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 22.03.59.png
jojo siwa party

Pin the bow on JoJo 

We all know JoJo loves bows. With a blindfold on who will be the closest to pin the bow on JoJo's ponytail

Name the song

How good is your JoJo song Knowledge? In teams children wait for the jojo song to be played and once they know will take it in turns to bounce to the stage to see if they can answer correctly. Team with most points win a prize

jojo siwa themed party
jojo siwa party

Like a Kid in a Candy store

JoJo loves a bit of candy, now its all spilling on the floor, can you collect the candy balls in time to win a prize? 


To finish the party there will be a game of Limbo-How low can you Bow?

limbo 7.jpg