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Magic Party
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Magic, Wizard & Fairy Disco & Games Party

This Magic, Wizard & Fairy Party is a great option for ages 3,4 & 5. There will be fun Fairy/Wizard themed games to start, along with dancing section for children to show off their best moves.

After the break they will sit down to watch a Marvellous Magic show.

Children will help things appear & disappear.

There is guaranteed to be some laughter, and the Birthday child will magic their very own medal to take home

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Magic, Wizard & Fairy Party Features


Fantastic Magic, Wizard & Fairy Party for my daughters 4th birthday.

Wizard & Fairy Party Games

Wizard & Fairy Fun

Pictures of Wizards and Faires will be displayed around the room, children will show of their best dance moves. When the music stops pick the correct wizard or fairy and you shall will some sweets

Magic Party

 Fairy Fiona/Wilfred Wizard 

Fiona/Wilfred have come to play. In this magical version of pass the parcel who, will Fiona/Wilfred  choose to win a prize? 

Magical Wands

Wizards & Fairies needs their wands in teams children will race to collect Fairy & Wizard Wands. Fastest team shall win a prize

magic party
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Magical Statues

When the music stops, show off your best Wizard/Fairy pose to win a sticker 



Wizards & Fairies are you ready for this game of limbo 

Magic Show

After the break children will sit down to watch a 30 minutes magic show. Be prepared for lots of laughter. 

Magic Wands


Magic Colouring Book

Magic Bag


Wonky Donky

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Wizard Hat

Magic Medal For The Birthday Child