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Toy Story Party Entertainer
Toy Story theme party
Toy Story theme party



Toy Story Disco & Games Party 


Our Toy Story themed party is one of our most popular themes and with so many fun activities, its easy to see why.

This exciting party begins, as the film does, in Andy’s bedroom where we play Toy Story Statues when Andy enters remember to freeze like a toy! There will be a chance to ride a horse like a cowboy, show off their supercool dance moves and win some awesome prizes.


Toy Story party

This party does NOT come with mascot characters

Toy Story Party Games

Andy's coming

To start there will be a Toy story version of musical statues When the music stops can you be super still because Andy is coming! If you can hold till you will win a sticker!

Toy story party

Woody's/Jessie's Race

Yehaa Cowboys, Its time for Woody's race. In teams children will jump onboard the horses and race for the chance to win a prize

Toy story party

Alien Invasion

Toy story party

To Infinity & Beyond

4 pictures will be displayed around the room with Toy Story Characters. When the music stops which friend will you choose? pick correct and you will win some sweets!

Toy story party
Toy story party

Roaring Rex

Rex will make his way around the circle Who will he choose to win a prize?

Toy story party


To finish there will be an awesome game of limbo, can you complete the challenge?

Toy story party
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