• Race To The Treasure Island

  • Pirate Poses

  • Walk The Plank

  • Captain Jack's Treasure Hunt

  • Pick A Pirate

  • Limbo

  • Pass The Pirate

Pirate Games

  • Entertainer as a Pirate

  • Bubbles

  • Speaker /Laptop/Microphone

  • Pirate Poster

  • Limbo

  • Pirate Themed Games

  • Sweets, Stickers & Prizes

  • Disco Lights

  • Party Dancing

 Party Features



Pirate Party

Izzy, Ethan, Jake & Pearl

Which one will you choose to win a sweet?

In teams children will race to see who can collect treasure the quickest to win a prize

Who is brave enough to walk the plank to win some prizes?

Ahhharrr come on an adventure and sail the seas at this adventurous Pirate Party. Hunt for the Captains' treasure, dance to the latest songs and win some prizes. Great for boys and girls this party will provide endless amounts of fun, bubbles & games

Pick A Pirate

Race To The Treasure Island

Walk The Plank

"Danni hosted my Jack & Harry's Birthday party in June, it was great to see that she dressed up to go with the theme"

5th Birthday Welwyn

"Danni hosted my Son's Pirate party  on Saturday, she arrived dressed up and entertained 30 kids from start to finish.

Great Party"

4th Birthday Luton