Cheerleading Party

Calling all Cheerleaders, its time for the high V and broken T.

This cheerleading party is lots of fun where children will be taught cheer move and have the chance to use pom-poms.

This Cheerleading Party involves interactive party games, with lots of dancing, cheering and fun! All our party games are designed with music in mind and you can pick your favourite songs prior to the party.


Disco Danni will bring everything necessary for the day to ensure the children have the best time!

2,4,6,8 this party is so great!

Party Features

  • Entertainer as a Cheerleader

  • Set Up With Speakers, Laptop DJ Deck & Microphone

  • Music

  • Bubble Machine 

  • Use Of Pom Poms

  • Learn Cheer Chants & Moves

  • Sweets,Stickers & Prizes

  • Cheerleader Themed Games

  • Limbo


"Disco Danni was fab and all the kids had an amazing time"


Cheerleading Party Games

 Strike A Pose

Who can show off their best cheer poses to win a sticker

Bust A Move

Pick the correct cheer move

an win yourself some sweets

Pass The Poms

Which team will be the quickest the pass the poms and win a prize

Team Spirit

We've got spirit yes we do.

Time to learn some cheer moves


How low can you go?

Disco Kids 

Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5