Cheerleading Party
Cheerleading Party
Cheerleading party
Cheerleader Party



Cheerleading Disco & Games Party

2,4,6,8 this party is so great!

Cheerleading Party

This Cheerleading party is super fun where the children will play cheerleading based games to music and learn some supercool cheer moves, suitable for boys and girls.

From beginning to end our dance parties involve interactive, dance orientated party games, with lots of dancing, cheering and fun! All our party games are designed with music in mind and you can pick your favourite songs prior to the party.

Disco Danni will bring everything necessary for the day, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Cheerleading party

Cheerleading Party Features


"Disco Danni was fab and all the kids had an amazing time"


Cheerleading Party Games

cheerleading party

Strike A Pose

Once the children have learnt some cheer moves it's time to dance around to a super cool cheer song. When the music stops its time to strike a pose to win a sticker 

Pass The Poms

Pass a set of poms around the circle, when the music stops who can show of their best cheer move to win a prize

cheerleadinf party

Cheer Routine

It's time to learn a super cool cheer routine to Boom Chika Boom!

cheerleading party

Bust A Move

4 pictures shall be displayed around the room showing cheerleader moves. When the music stops pick the correct picture you will win  some sweets

cheerleading party
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Team Spirit

In teams children will race to see who can collect all their poms the quickest to win a prize


How low can you go?

cheerleading party