UV Glow Disco


Two Ultra Violet lights hung from the overhead bar that will create a purple glow in the room making white or neon clothing shine brightly. The DJ will lead a lively Disco that will get everyone on the dance floor. 

Children are encouraged to wear white or neon clothes

(Please note the room must be dark for the UV lights to take effect)

UV Glow Disco 

Tik Tok has taken over the world, and no party would be complete without a challenge

Tik Tok Dance Party

  UV Glow

Party Features 

  • Lively Interactive Teen DJ

  • 2 Speakers

  • DJ Deck, Laptop & Microphone

  • UV Lights

  • Tik Tok Dances

  • Foam

  • 100 Glow Sticks

  • Latest Tracks (Playlist Welcome)

  • Optional Games

  • Use of my UV Paint

 DJ Danni was excellent.

Great kids party

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Teen Disco