Entertainer Dressed Spooky

Ghostly Games

Spooky Set Up

Fog & Bubbles

Sweets,Prizes & Stickers

Disco Lights

Laptop/Speaker & Microphone

Fun Sheet For Every Child

This Terror Features

Ages 5-10

October & November

Halloween Disco

Casper's Candy Hunt

Can you help find Casper's candy? He is a friendly ghost and may share with you 

Monster Mash

Winnie Witch, Sally Skeleton, Pumpkin Paul &  Spider Sid who will you choose to win an ear or eyeball to eat? 

Spooky Spider

Do you dare to touch the spider? You may be in for the chance to win a prize

This Spooky Halloween Disco is great for all those little devils 

Fantastic kids entertainer will host the party in costume and there will be fun themed games that will terrify those of all ages. This party comes with a spooky set up creating a frightful atmosphere. There will also be stickers, sweets &  spooky dancing. 

Games For Little Monsters

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Scary Statues

  • Ghoustly Ghouls

  • Limbo

  • Monster Mash

  • Witchy Witch

  • Spooky Spider

  • Limbo

  • Make a Mummy

  • Hocus Pocus

  • Zombie Tag

Games For

Big Monsters

"We had Spooky Danni for Harry's 7th Birthday. The games were fun, and kids loved the lights

7th Birthday, Hemel

"We booked Disco Kids for the Halloween School Disco. Danni provided lots of fun and energy"

Primary School Rickmansworth

"Disco Danni hosted our daughters 5th Birthday PartY. Lots of fun games and spooky dancing" 

Elaine, Watford