Disco Kids 

Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5



Superhero Party

Lets get ready to fly! 

This Superhero Party can be tailored to Boy or Girl Superhero's or a combination of both.

Super Sadie will arrive to the party ready for action

During this party there will fun filled games where children will have the chance to show how strong they are win some sweets & prizes & show off their super dance moves

​    Party Features

  • Hosted By Super Sadie 

  • Superhero Set Up With Speakers, Laptop, DJ Deck & Microphone

  • Bubble Machine

  • Superhero Themed Party Games

  • Disco Lights

  • Party Dancing

  • Superhero Stickers 

  • Limbo Challenge

  • Sweets 

  • Prize For Every Child 

Superhero Themed 

Party Games

Super Statues

To get started Sadie will play Super Statues. When the music stops show your best superhero pose to win a sticker 

Happy Hero

When the music stops will you be holding onto the happy hero to win a prize?  

Superhero Dash

Batman,Captain America Flash, Hulk Ironman, Spiderman, Superman or Thor 

Will you choose the right hero to win a sweets? 

(4 Heros used during this game)

Capture The Villian 

These naughty bank robbers have stolen the money. Can you help save the day? 

Super Strength

Who is super strong to complete this challenge and win a prize?


Can you complete the Limbo Challenge

Superball Challenge

Are you quick enough to collect all the balls before the time runs out? 

This party can be tailored to feature the DC Superhero Girls 

Superhero Girl Themed 

Party Games

Super Statues

Show off your best dance moves, when the music stops strike a supergirl pose 

Happy Heroine

Who will be left holding Wondergirl or Supergirl to win a prize?

Super Girl Dash 

Wondergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Supergirl & Bumblebee. Will you choose the right Supergirl to win some sweets? 

Super Ball Challenge

All together you must collect all the balls in time to win a prize

Supergirl Quest

DC Supergirls are lost. Can you find them before its too late?

Supergirl Rescue

Come on girls it's time to show how super you can be


Super Girls and Boys can you complete the Limbo Challenge

​     Party Features

  • Hosted by Super Sadie

  • Super Girl Set Up With Speakers,

  • Laptop, DJ Deck & Microphone

  • Bubble Machine

  • Super Girl Themed Party Games

  • Disco Lights

  • Party Dancing

  • Girl Superhero Stickers 

  • Limbo Challenge

  • Sweets 

  • Prize For Every Child 

"I couldn't have asked for a better entertainer Super Danni was a great Superhero"


"Danni was great, the superhero party for Emily was great, dressed in costume and full of fun from start to finish"

Janet Enfield