• Entertainer As a Superhero

  • Speaker/Laptop/Microphone

  • Superhero Backdrop

  • Bubbles

  • Superhero Themed Games

  • Disco Lights

  • Party Dancing

  • Limbo

  • Sweets, Stickers & Prizes

  • Super Statues

  • Happy Heroes

  • Super Strength

  • Super Ball Challenge

  • Superhero/Girl Dash

  • Limbo

Superhero Games

Party Features



Superhero Party

Batmam, Spiderman, Irornan, Hulk, Flash, Superman, Captain America 

Will you choose the right hero to win some sweets? 

When the music stops will you be holding onto the happy hero to win a prize?  


Lets get ready to fly! This Superhero Party is great for Boys and Girls.

During this party there will fun filled games where children will have the chance to win some sweets & prizes & show everyone just how super they really are!



Happy Heroes

Super Strength

Who is super strong to capture all the super balls, winning team will receive a prize

This party can be tailored to feature the DC Superhero Girls 

Wondergirl,Batgirl,Harley Quinn, Supergirl & Bumblebee. Will you choose the right Supergirl to win some sweets? 

Super Statues

Its time to show your best superhero poses 

Who will be left holding Wondergirl or Supergirl to win a prize?

Supergirl Dash 

Happy Hero

Super Statues

Show off your best dance moves, when the music stops strike a supergirl pose 

"I couldn't have asked for a better entertainer Super Danni was a great Superhero"


"Danni was great, the superhero party for Emily was great, dressed in costume and full of fun from start to finish"

Janet Enfield