glow in the dark party


Glow In The Dark Disco 

This Glow In The Dark Disco is ideal for children's disco parties taking    place in a darker hall and/or during the winter months after 4:30pm. Ultra-Violet lights will be hung from an overhead bar creating an awesome glow. 

There will be dancing bubbles  & foam. There is the option to add games in-between the glow such as limbo. 

Be sure to wear white or neon clothes and watch everything glow. Kids will be sure to have a Glow-tastic time

Room must be dark for UV lights to take full effect 

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Glow In The Dark Party Features

Glow In The Dark Disco


With this Glow In The Dark Disco you get so much more than just UV lighting. As well as two high-powered UV lights, UV Glow Disco comes with the latest DJ decks, superb digital-powered speakers, bubble & snow machine. 

With tens of thousands of songs carried, you can be the DJ has all the songs to keep the party alive. The birthday child is welcome to supply a list if their favourite songs too

Kids Glow Party
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To make the party super awesome 100 glow sticks come with the package and you can also use Disco Danni's super cool UV glow paint