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Dinosaur Party Games

Roaring Statues

Children will dance and When the music stops who has the best Dinosaur pose to win a sticker?

dinosaur party

Dexter Dinosaur

(Played with 20 children or less)

 Dexter the inflatable Dinosaur will make his way around the circle If you have been a good little Dinosaur he may pick you for a prize

Dinosaur Theme Party
dinosaur party

Dino Dash

4 pictures will be displayed around the room.  Pick correctly you will win some yummy sweets

dinosaur party
dinosaur party


Are you ready for the limbo challenge?

Dinosaur Theme Party

Dino Egg Challenge

The Dino Eggs are rolling all over the floor Can you collect all the eggs in time to win a prize?

dinosaur party entertainer
kids disco party
kids birthday party harpenden
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