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Dinosaur Theme Party




Dinosaur Disco & Games Party 

 It's time to ROOOAAARR!

Dinosaur Party Harpenden

This Dinosaur Themed party is full of Rooaaar-some fun. There will be music based that are they simple for the little ones but also highly engaging.

Dino Danni will play all the latest tracks for the children to show off their best moves! The birthday child is welcome to supply a list of their favourite party songs too!

With Dino Danni  taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely entertained from beginning to end. This means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having the time of their lives! 

dinosaur party

Dinosaur Party Features

  • Entertainer In Costume -   As A Dinosaur

  • Awesome Set Up - Dinosaur Table Cover, Laptop, Speakers, Mic & Disco Light

  • Games - Dinosaur Themed With Props 

  • Effects -Super Cool Bubble Machine

  • Give Aways - Sweets, Stickers & Prizes 

  • Music- Dinosaur Songs and Pop

  • Dancing- Kids Can Show  off Their Best Dance Moves In-Between Games

  • Limbo- Every Party Needs A Limbo Challenge

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Thank u so much 4 2day

Oscar has a great time. X


Dinosaur party harpenden

Dinosaur Party Games

Roaring Statues

To start Danni shall play a Dino version of musical statues. Children will dance and When the music stops who has the best Dinosaur pose to win a sticker?

dinosaur party

Dino Egg Race

This super exciting game will see children in teams race to collect the Dino eggs. Team Buddy or Team Arlo, who will be the quickest and win a prize?

Dino Dash

4 pictures will be displayed around the room. Children will get to stomping, when the music stops  you choose Stanley, Terry, Dylan or Spike, pick correctly you will win some yummy sweets

dinosaur party
dinosaur party

Dexter Dinosaur

In this exciting version of pass the parcel Dexter will make his way around the circle If you have been a good little Dinosaur he may pick you for a prize

pass dino.jpg
dinosaur party

Dino Egg Challenge

The Dino Eggs are rolling all over the floor Can you collect all the eggs in time to win a prize?

dinosaur party


Are you ready for the limbo challenge?

Limbo 1.jpg