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Minion theme party
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Ages 4-7

Minion Disco & Games Party

 Lets Go Bananas!

Minions are taking the country by storm! Both adults and children love the minions. Give your little mini me a minion birthday party to remember

The minion host will keep children of all ages engaged in games and dancing for the duration of your party.

Millie Minion will play songs from the movies for the children to show off their best moves!

With Millie taking full control of the party, your little ones will be completely engaged from beginning to end. This means that you can sit back, relax and enjoy watching the children having the time of their lives! 

minion theme party

Party does NOT come with a Minion Mascot Entertainer will be in costume

Minion Party Features

Minion party


Danni entertained 30 kids today for my sons 7th birthday, minion disco, I can’t recommend her enough, she has so much energy and the kids had such a good time, thank you Danni xxx

Minion Party Games

Silly Statues

To start the party Milly the Minion will play a game of silly statues. Who has the silliest pose to win a sticker

Minion Party

Banana Bounce

We all know the minions love bananas! In teams Kids will bounce with bananas to collect the minion eggs. The fastest team shall win a prize

Minion theme party
minion theme party

Minion Madness

The Minions have gone crazy and are rolling all over the floor. Can you collect them in time to win a prize? 

minion party entertainer

Minion Party Time

4 Pictures of Minions will be placed around the room Which Minion will you pick for the chance to win a sweet, Stuart, Bob, Kevin or Jerry?

minion themed party
minions party

Pass the Minions

Ages 3-5

25 kids or less

In this minion version of pass the parcel Bob will make his way around the circle. who will he choose to win a prize

Mischievous Minions

Played if suitable hiding spots 

These Minions really are naughty and they have hidden, can you help find them to win a treat

minion disco party


To finish the party in style there will be a game of Limbo, how low can you go?