Entertainer as 'The Party Princess' 

Set Up With Glitter Pink Cover



Princess Themed Games

Party Dancing

Princess Backdrop


Disco Lights

Fun Sheet For Every Child

This Party Includes



Princess Party

This party is the perfect choice for the little girls & boys who want to be taken on an enchanted adventure. 'The Party Princess will host fantastic themed games with sweets & prizes to be won. With bubbles and dancing to their favourite songs children are guaranteed to have a magical time 

Race To The Royal Gems 

With the help of Trinity & Sky which team will be the quickest to collect to Royal Gems and win a prize? 

Princess Dash

Cinderella, Elsa & Anna, Sleeping Beauty? which one will you choose to win some sweeties 



  • Princess Dash

  • Lost Princess

  • Princess Poses

  • Race To The Royal Gems

  • Limbo

Please note entertainer will NOT be a Disney Princess