Party Time Slots & Information

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Important Info

Access to a plug socket is required for equipment 

In order for Disco Danni to entertain lots of children in one day Disco Kids operate times slots for Saturday's & Sundays taking into account set up and pack down time. Below are the times slots available. Alternative times at may be available at weekends but may incur a supplement 


Available upon Request

Fridays from 4pm

Earlier times may be available

Saturday & Sunday

2 Hours

1 Hour

Example 2 Hour  Disco Party Format

Useful Tips

Hall Size

Picking the party venue can be important to how well the party will run. Little ones love to run around and of course if the hall is too large children tend to see the open space and become distracted and loose focus on the entertainment. During the 5 years I have hosting parties I have found halls the size of  no large that 36x36ft tend work better. Entertainer’s disco equipment will take up a space of approx. 7ft in width x 4ft in depth 

Bouncy Castle 

When it comes to your child's birthday you want them to enjoy their special day, and Bouncy Castles can be a great addition.Hiring an entertainer along with a bouncy castle can be distracting and take away from the games. If possible, please leave any bouncy castle deflated during the party and put it up after the entertainer has finished.

Face Painting

Similar to the bouncy castle with face painters at a party children may stand in a line and miss out on the fun and games, as they want to have their face done once they have seen their friends. 


Little ones love balloons but due to the props used during games can cause a disruption also they tend to get stamped on  and hurt little ones ears. Children also tend to hit each other over the head with them or get upset if they don't have one when they see others do. Balloons are best kept as a wall decoration. 


With ages 4,5 & 6 Parents tend to stay with their children. During the party the noise levels can get tense when adults talk continuously making it harder for little ones to hear instructions of games. It can be useful to advise on the invite if parents wish to stay to keep talking to a minimum. After all the entertainer is doing a job and performing an interactive show for the children. Would you go to a pantomime and talk whilst actors are on stage?


If your party venue is set back off the road, balloons tied around a nearby tree/lamppost or a party banner on the venue door are great ways to let your guests know where the party is!