upsy daisy party
night garden party
night garden party entertainer

   18M-     3 years

1 Hour Only

In The Night Garden Party

Coming soon....

Does your little one love in the night garden? This themed party is perfect for those who love Upsey Daisy, Iggle Piggle & friends. There will be lots of fun game and dancing

Party Features

  • Entertainer as Upsy Daisy

  • Music & Dancing

  • In the Night Garden themed games

  • Bubbles

  • Prizes

  • Stickers 

In The Night Garden Games

Upsy Daisy Says...

Daisy loves to dance can you copy all of her moves?

upsy daisy party entertainer
night garden party entertainer

Pass Piggle

Piggle makes his way around the circle, when the music stops you shall win a prize

In the night garden party

Picture Party

Its time for some dancing , and when music stops, can you pick the correct picture of piggle, daisy and friends to win some stickers 

Piggle's blanket

Silly piggle, he has lost his blanket again! can you help him find it?

night garden party
night garden party