This Party Includes



Experienced Entertainer

Set Up With Glitter Cover

Speaker/ Laptop/Microphone

Party Dances


Disco Lights


Sweets, Stickers & Prizes


Fun Sheet For Every Child 



Groovy Kids Disco 

Super Space Hop

In teams Children will bounce to collect balls fastest team win a prize

Banana Bounce

Kids will bounce with bananas to see who are the fastest little monkeys. 

Limbo Challenge

How low can you go? No party would be complete without limbo

Games For

Big Ones

  • Mega Ball Challenge 

  • Number Game

  • Limbo

  • Picture Corners 

  • Super Space Hop

  • Race To The Waiter

Games For

Little Ones

  • Funky Freezes

  • Banana Bounce

  • Mega Ball Challenge

  • Colour Bingo

  • What's Inside, It's a Suprise

  • Limbo

This Groovy Kids Disco Party is only for the grooviest Kids in town! If your little one loves to dance and play games this party is perfect!
From start to finish, this party is full of awesome music-based party games tailored to the children’s age group, making them simple for younger ones and involving for older ones.

Funky Freezes

Who has the best pose to win a sticker?